A Positive growth.

Established in 1981, the Vietnamese Community of Minnesota (VCM), a nonprofit organization, was originally formed to represent the first wave of a few thousand refugees resettled in the State of Minnesota after the fall of Saigon. The community has since grown to over 30,000 residents with many geographical, socio-economic, and demographic factors creating different needs and interests within the community in Minnesota.

In response to the new and complex nature of our community, VCM serves to address unmet needs of the Vietnamese people as they build new lives in Minnesota. All of the VCM’s activities focus on helping Vietnamese (and other Asian) people overcome challenges and obstacles, to advance and contribute in meaningful ways to the greater community. The VCM’s initiatives include, but not limited to: cultural arts, networking & outreach, educational and social justice advocacy.

The VCM works cooperatively with a wide range of other Vietnamese community organizations, private corporations, non-profit organizations and many individuals regarding employment, social services, and health related issues.

By partnering with many great sponsors over the years, our annual Tet Festival attracts thousands of people in attendance!

together we can

We love to be a partnership with other organizations for the well being of all!

We Educate

Younger generations to preserve our cultural heritage.

We Help​

Guide and provide appropriate resources. Being and advocate for our community.

We Build​

Fostering and developing strong partnerships with other organizations.

We Unite

Collaberate and cooperate with other Vietnamese organizations for the benefit of our community.