Mr. Viet Pageant of Minnesota Requirements

  1. Signed Pageant Application (with Parent/Guardian Signature if under 18).
  1. Community Service Requirements:  The Winners of the Pageant(s) are required to perform 20 hours of service at VCM events in upcoming year.  First and Second Runner-Ups are required to perform 10 hours of service at VCM events.
  1. For Mr. Viet Contest: 1 or 2 formal suits with ties, plus one athletic outfit.
  1. Contestants are EXPECTED to attempt to speak in Vietnamese when asked to answer questions or give their Introductory Statement.  Contestants failing to make an effort to speak Vietnamese shall face deduction(s) from their overall point totals.
  1. Review of Participant Rules and Procedures.  The Judging shall be heavily focused on awareness of Vietnamese cultural history and heritage.  You will be expected to attempt to answer in Vietnamese to the best of your abilities.
  1. Mandatory Rehearsal Attendance(s)
  1. No Prior VCM Pageant Winners.  First and Second Runner-Ups are welcomed to participate!
  1. Single Persons Only (Not Married) and no children.
  1. Contestants are Resident(s) of Minnesota.
  1. FINALISTS will perform a talent of their choice in the Final Round of the competition.
  1. PRIZES (The Vietnamese Community of Minnesota will award 75% of the prizes to the winners at the Tet Festival. The remaining amount will be awarded upon completion of community services for the Vietnamese Community of Minnesota).
    Mr. Viet 2011of MN    $500
    First Runner-Up         $300
    Second Runner-Up    $200

Important Information