Mr. Viet of Minnesota Registrations

Important Information


Mr. Viet 2011of MN    $500
First Runner-Up         $300
Second Runner-Up    $200


The eligibility of all contestants is as the following:

  1. All contestants must have a single marital status with no children
  2. Ages from 16-29
  3. All  contestant must have residency within the State of Minnesota
  4. All contestants must agree to partake in Vietnamese Community of Minnesota’s events and Publications, as a representative of The Vietnamese Community Minnesota.
  5. All contestants must must attend rehearsals and must be available to compete in the Mr. Viet Pageant contest on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

The Vietnamese Community Minnesota appreciates your desire to represent your community and most importantly your cultures in this pageant.  We wish you luck throughout this competition and into the New Year!