Pho Eating Contest

The Vietnamese Community of Minnesota, in sponsorship by Pho Hoa Minneapolis, invites you to take part in the first Tet Pho Eating Contest.  Pho is, undoubtedly, the food that represents the Vietnamese people throughout the world.  Therefore, let us celebrate this great symbol of Vietnamese culinary culture with a modern twist, an eating contest!


First Place $100 & Trophy   
Second Place $50 & Trophy
Third Place Trophy only

      Competition Format


        1. All contestants shall have 20 minutes to complete as many bowls of pho as possible.
        2. Each bowl of pho shall contain 6 ounces of beef, 10 ounces of noodles, and one quart of pho broth.
        3. Each finish bowl shall be considered as emptied of broth, meat, and noodles.
        4. Once a bowl is emptied, the contestant must flip over the bowl, before a new bowl of pho shall be given to them.
        5. At the end of the 20 minutes each contestant shall be scored based on finished bowls of pho, with the last bowl being weighed of leftover food minus the bowl.
        6. There shall be judges and contest servers present to monitor your progress, and at any point that you are unable to proceed further, you must stand up and walk away from the table.
        7. Water shall be given as requested.

Past Winners