Welcome to Miss Ao Dai Pageant of Minnesota

The Vietnamese Community Minnesota proudly presents Miss Ao Dai Pageant in Minnesota.  It’s our goal to encourage young Vietnamese female to appreciate the Vietnamese long traditional dress (áo dài) and wear it to compete in the contest.  We hope your participation in the Miss Ao Dai Pageant is an enriching experience and hopefully a highly rewarding opportunity that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


Miss Ao Dai of MN       $700
First Runner-Up          $500
Second Runner-Up     $300
Miss Congeniality       $100



Past Pageant Winners

Miss Ao Dai Pageant 2010

Miss Ao Dai 2010 - Nguyen Thi Kim Yen
1st Runner Up - Nguyen Ngoc Thien Thanh (Tiffany)
2nd Runner Up - Huynh Thu An
Miss Congeniality - Nguyen Le Jenny

Miss Ao Dai Pageant 2009

Miss Ao Dai 2009 - To Tuyet Phi
1st Runner Up - Do Ngo Kieu Thu
2nd Runner Up - Tran Uyen Lyly
Miss Congeniality - Tran Uyen Lyly